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shou sugi burn

We have sustainably produced authentic charred Japanese cedar wood since 1946 

Our sawmill has been operating in Japan for over 75 years specializing in the production of charred cedar timber

We are sustainable and focus on vertical integration starting from harvesting our own forests to charring the cedar wood

japan yakisugi

Yakisugi 焼杉 is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation by slightly charring the surface of the wood to increase durability


Examples of construction using roasted cedar



our clients
our clients

"I have used their products for custom fireplace designs.

Their products are unique and high-quality.

I highly recommend Japan Yakisugi! "

-Yumi Murayama

Principle Interior Designer at YU+ME Design


"I’ve always been inspired by Japanese design and after coming across Sumi from Japan Yakisugi, I fell in love. The ancient technique produces a striking and highly chic product that I immediately knew we had to incorporate into a project.


Everyone who viewed the installation was not only mesmerized by the beauty but also the meaning behind the material." 


-Carolina Gutierrez

Senior Interior Designer at Fanny Haim


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