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Wood Species

Common Name(s): Sugi, Japanese Cedar

Scientific Name: Cryptomeria japonica



Allows for up to 20 tight or 10 dead knots per 2M board length with an unlimited combination of heartwood and sapwood, pith allowance.

Checks are allowed to 1/16 as long as plank stability, weather resistance and cosmetics are not adversely affected.

Not allowed Rot, Crack, Worm, Bug Holes, Wane, Hit & Miss and Blue stain Our products have repaired hole-knots, dead-knots crack-live knots by hotmelt, but there may be slight dents and cracks.

Twist, round and bent that do not interfere with the fixing of the profile board is allowed.



Finish products KD 14% (+/-4%)

yakisugi_specifications_アートボード 1 のコピー 2.png

SAI & YUKI Series

The colors shown in the table are for regular products. If you have the desired color, please consult your nearest distributor. The oil Brand name "RESONA C" is a naturally derived colored paint made from linseed oil.



Thickness & width will be changed according to profile. Custom colour and size available is on demand.


Fire Retardancy

On demand

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